Buying And Storing Ammunition For Your Firearms

4 January 2023
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9mm ammo is a very common caliber, and there are many variations on the market to cover many different uses. Buying the best ammunition for your situation and storing it safely is essential to ensuring that it will do what you need and stay stable while in storage. 

Buying Ammo

The best 9mm ammo for you may not be clear until you try several brands or types in your firearm. In some situations, your gun will feed smoother and have fewer jams with a specific ammunition type or brand.  

How you plan to use the 9mm ammo also plays a significant role in which brand or type you choose. For target shooting, a no-frills, full metal jacketed cartridge is the cheapest and the easiest to find. However, for protection or self-defense, a more aggressive hollow point ammo is often better suited to the job. 

Ammunition manufacturers offer rounds from mild to wild at price points all over the board. You will need to determine the 9mm ammo you need and then research or try the options within that ammo type to narrow down the best 9mm ammo for your gun and situation.

Storing Ammo

Storing the 9mm ammo you purchase is easy, and when you organize your stock, you can ensure you use the oldest ammo first. Start by finding a cool, dry place to store the ammunition. A shelf in a closet is a good spot because the temperature stays constant inside the house most of the year, and it is high enough to be out of reach of little hands that should not be touching it. 

Using freezer or storage bags to put the boxes in allows you to remove most of the air, sealing out moisture, and most freezer bags have a spot on them to write the date you put the ammunition on the shelf. Organize your 9mm ammo so the oldest stock is in the front and the newest is in the back. When you take a box down, use the oldest boxes first to ensure you rotate your ammo stock. 

Ammo Cans And Boxes

If you are buying larger quantities of 9mm ammo, you may want to consider putting the rounds in ammo cans that are easy to take to the range or can be stacked up to save space. Many manufacturers also sell 9mm ammo boxes specifically designed to hold a large number of cartridges and make it easier to organize the ammunition so you can take several different types to the range for testing. 

Buying ammo boxes with locking latches can add security and safety when storing ammo, and there are some options like waterproof or fire-resistant 9mm ammo boxes that you may want to consider.

To learn more about 9mm ammo, reach out to a retailer near you.