Balancing Your Bolt Carrier Group Makes It Better For Home Defense

11 August 2018
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A growing number of people are buying semi-automatic weapons to protect themselves and their families from the danger of home invaders. Each of these guns has what is known as a bolt carrier group, and fully understanding it and how to balance it ensures that your gun is as accurate as possible.

Semi-Automatic Weapons Are A Great Defense Choice 

People are choosing semi-automatic weapons for defense because they are increasingly easy to use and provide a maximum amount of protection. Most home invaders will stop dead in their tracks when you pull up an AK-47 or an AR-15. They recognize how accurate and deadly these guns would be if you had to use them for your protection.

That accuracy and lethality are tied in heavily with the construction of the bolt carrier group. This element of a gun is something that you may not consider when you buy a semi-automatic weapon. However, it is critical to not only understand how it works but also to balance it properly to ensure maximum precision.

The Bolt Carrier Is A Critical Component

Anyone who plans on buying an AR-15 or an AK-47 for defense needs to understand the nature of a bolt carrier group. These are the parts of the gun that help it fire and include a variety of platings, firing pins, and bolts. When this part is operating smoothly, it will easily load up your gun and keep it balanced for maximum defensive purposes.

As a result, properly balancing it will make it easier for you to draw a bead on a home invader and to shoot them in the unfortunate circumstance that they refuse to back down or try to attack you. Balancing or tuning the bolt carrier group further increases its efficiency and makes it even better for your semi-automatic weapon.

Tuning Is Critical

A high-quality bolt carrier group is strong enough to withstand a lot of pressure and will provide your AK-47 with the maximum amount of force and accuracy. However, you need to tune it once in a while to ensure that it stays accurate. Tuning requires adjusting its balance slightly and ensuring that it hits your shells properly every time you pull the trigger.

There are a few ways that you can tune it, including how much it kicks, the amount of gas the bolt carrier uses, and how fast it fires. The best way to get it tuned is to take it to a specialist, who will take a look at your bolt carrier group and tune it in a way that maximizes your ability to defend yourself from individuals who may want to otherwise hurt you.

So if you plan on buying an AK-47 in the future and want to make sure it runs properly for your defense, it is a good idea to learn more about the bolt carrier group. This part of the gun is critical for the operation of your firearm and helps it to stay accurate and precise.