6 Great Gifts For Your Favorite Bowler

29 September 2016
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If you need to purchase a present for the favorite bowler in your life, here are a few bowling accessories that most avid bowlers would enjoy having.

#1 Shoe Covers

Most really good bowlers try to take good care of their shoes. Protecting the bottom of their shoes is essential to their game. However, even a great bowler needs to leave the floor every once in a while and get some food or use the restroom. Shoe covers will allow your favorite bowler to protect their shoes when they leave the lane and go to the other areas of the bowling alley.

#2 Shoe Brush

It is essential that the bottom of a good bowling shoe is slick, smooth, and free of debris. A shoe brush will allow your bowler to clean the bottom of their shoes when they feel like they are not sliding correctly and are sticking to the floor.

#3 Grip Sac

Moisture on the hands can interfere with a bowler's ability to properly grip the bowl. A grip sac is a tool that a bowler can use to remove moisture from their hands so that they can get a proper grip on their ball. It looks kind of like an oversized hacky sack.

#4 Grip Tape

Another tool that will help your bowler get the best grip on their ball is grip tape. Many bowlers wrap grip tape over their thumbs; they do this because they believe it helps them release the ball more smoothly. This is a supply that bowlers use quickly; even if your bowler has some on hand right now, they can always use some back-up.

#5 Skin Patches

Skin patches are essential for any serious bowler's first-aid kit. When bowling, one can easily develop a blister on their hands, which can cripple their game. A skin patch is designed to be applied on top of a blister so that one is able to keep their game up.

#6 Bowling Towel

Bowlers use towels to remove the grease and oil off their ball that is transferred onto it from the bowling lane and from one's hands. This grease can compromise the ball's ability to roll down the lane exactly as they intended. Most serious bowlers will use a bowling towel multiple times during a game to keep their ball clean.

Many bowlers just keep an old rag with them for this purpose. You can up your bowler's game by purchasing them a custom bowling towel that has their name embroidered on it.

Try to take a sneak peek at your bowler's bag to see what they have inside of their bag, and then use this list to get them the perfect gift that they will enjoy and actually use. If they've been in the market for a new ball, check out places where you can buy Brunswick bowling balls.