Make Sure Your Badminton Racket Lasts As Long As Possible With These Ideas

28 September 2016
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When you invest in a badminton racket, regardless of how much it costs, you want to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. While the manufacturing quality of the racket you buy will partly influence its lifespan, the manner in which you use and store it will play a key role as well. Taking proper care of your badminton racket doesn't mean that you have to play gingerly with it; the average modern racket will successfully stand up to the rigors of consistent use. However, there are certain things that you can do to prevent avoidable damage that will shorten the racket's life.

Minimize Contact With The Ground

Slamming your racket into the ground can dent or bend the head. When this occurs, some of the strings will lose their tension and your badminton racket will essentially be useless. Hopefully, you know that hitting the ground out of frustration is a bad idea — but you should also be careful about hitting the ground inadvertently. Whether you're playing indoors or outdoors, try to avoid lunging to hit shots just before they land on the grass or the court. Doing so can cause your racket to bang off the ground and get damaged.

Store It Smartly

When it comes to storing your badminton racket, you might be tempted to simply drive a nail into the wall of your garage and hang the racket by its strings. This, however, is a poor idea. Over time, hanging the racket in this manner will cause the strings to stretch, thus ruining them. It's better to lay the badminton racket flat on a shelf. If you want to hang it on the wall, invest in a racket cover (which may have come with the racket when you bought it). You can then store the racket in the cover and hang the cover on a nail from its hanging loop.

Wipe The Grip Down After Use

If you sweat profusely while playing badminton, it's a good idea to wipe down the grip of your racket after you're done playing. Leaving the grip wet can cause the grip tape to loosen, which can require you to have the racket regripped prematurely. If you play badminton at your local athletic center, simply make sure to throw a towel or two into your gym bag. You can use one to wipe your face and the other to wipe down the racket. If the racket is very wet, it's also a good idea to let it air dry before you zip it up in its cover.