Gifts For The Knife Collector You Know: What To Get

27 September 2016
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If you have someone special in your life that loves to collect knives and you aren't sure what to get them as a gift, there are many great unique ideas that will be different from something basic from a department store. Instead, you can get them something that they don't have, and something that will be used and appreciated. Look into the following options for the recipient.

Custom Leather Knife Holder

Custom leather knife holders are great gifts for any person that collects knives for many reasons. These can be used for the following:

  • To protect the recipient from getting stabbed or poked by the knife
  • Unique way to create a personalized carrying case for the knife
  • A safe way to display the knife and preserve it from moisture damage and rusting

You can get multiple leather cases that are matching, or you can get a customized, stamped, or embroidered case. If the recipient likes a specific style or shade of leather, something similar would be ideal. For more information, contact companies like Rick Lowe Custom Leather.

Display Plaque or Case

If the knife collector hunts, travels, or has a special hobby that is related to their interest in knives, there are things you can get to display the knives that mix both interests. If they are a hunter you can give them a set of horns that is designed to hold the knives, and if they are a traveler you can get them a plague shaped like their favorite destination. A custom glass case with a lock or security system is also favorable.

Polishing Gift Certificate

Purchase a gift certificate that can be used for the knives, so the recipient can have them polished and sharpened. This will keep the knives in good condition, and it will prevent them from eroding over time. Find a local area business that does this and look into kits so the person can do it at home as well.

There are a lot of different things that you can get someone as a gift when they are a collector of knives, and these are some unique and personal items that they will be able to appreciate long after the occasion has passed. Talk with them about their knives and what they like or what they may want to get, so you can feel them out for other good ideas to go with your gift. The more thought you put in, the more they will appreciate what you give.