3 Tips For Longboarding While Pregnant

21 September 2016
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Many women wonder what type of exercise they are allowed to keep doing when they become pregnant. In general, most types of moderate exercise are considered safe as long as there is not a high risk of falls or extensive jostling. This means that if you were a longboarder before you became pregnant, you may be able to keep up your longboarding habit throughout the majority of your pregnancy. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. 

Only Longboard While Pregnant If You Are Experienced and Confident 

While learning to longboard, it is likely that you may fall or that you will have to jump off of the moving board to prevent an accident. This can jostle your abdomen or cause a traumatic impact to your abdomen, making pregnancy a bad time to learn to longboard. However, if you regularly longboard and you rarely or never fall or bail off the board, then you should be safe to continue boarding with a few adjustments to your skating style to ensure safety. 

Adjust Your Skating Style to Reduce the Risk of High-Impact Injuries 

While you are pregnant, you may want to adjust your skating style to reduce your risk of falling. This may mean avoiding steep downhill routes as well as avoiding trick skating. Additionally, you may want to limit skating to areas where there are minimal obstacles and paths are well-paved and maintained. This will limit jostling and reduce your chances of falling. Finally, you may want to slow down and reduce the distances you skate. For example, you may want to use longboarding as a weekend activity as opposed to using your board to commute to work every day to reduce chances of injury. 

Make Sure Your Board Is In Good Condition

To help reduce your risk of falls, you should make sure your board is in perfect condition. Early in your pregnancy is a good time to check your bushings and trucks to make sure you have the smoothest ride possible. As you gain weight during pregnancy, you may want to consider purchasing a new board if you drift into a different weight class. Making sure your board is in good condition will give you a smooth, safe ride. A professional at a company like Orlando Longboards can help you get your board in top shape and help you find a new board if necessary.

If you want to continue skating while you are pregnant, it is a good idea to check with your doctor. Women with certain conditions, such as a low-lying placenta, may be advised to avoid skating altogether.