Four Tips To Land The Catfish Of Your Dreams

18 May 2016
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Catfish are one of the most popular species of fish to catch thanks to their ability to make even a small catch feel like a whopper. Follow these simple tips to increase your chances of landing a big one on your next fishing trip.

1. Find A Good Fishing Spot

If your boat is outfitted with a sonar detector, look for areas of the lake with small drops. Catfish like to hang out around these small ledges to feed.

Deep areas of the lake are another great location to fish, especially those near a dam. These deep areas are dark and cool, making them an ideal spot for catfish seeking shade.

Areas of the lake with large rocks or floating logs are also terrific spots, as they also provide shade and cooler temperatures.

2.Select a Tasty Bait

The type of bait that you should use varies based on what kind of catfish you are trying to catch.

Blue catfish are known for eating both live and dead bait. Fresh shad is a popular choice. You can use the shad whole, or you can turn it into cut bait. Before seeking out the catfish, use a net to catch bait fish. Try to stick with fresh bait if possible. Perch and drum are two bait alternatives if shad cannot be found.

Channel catfish are scavengers that eat whatever they can easily find. Dip and pinch varieties of commercial catfish bait work well for this species. You can also use dead bait fish.

When fishing for flathead catfish, stick with bait fish that are indigenous to the lake. The bait can be alive or dead.

3. Decide How You Want to Fish

To catch a whale of catfish, you need to reach the bottom of the lake. This is easily accomplished with a standard freshwater rod and wheel. Acceptable rigs include the Carolina rig and slip-sinker rig.

Some like to jug for catfish. This technique is ideal for those who want to catch a lot of catfish with minimal effort. You attach your line and rig to an old milk jug. When you see the jug moving, you know you have caught something.

4. Have the Right Equipment

The right equipment helps you land the big one. Stick with a test line that matches the possible weight of the catfish you are fishing for.  Swap old, dingy hooks for fresh ones to prevent breakage. Once you have a fish, needle nose pliers help you safely remove the hook. Some prefer to wear gloves for a better grip.

Don't let your next fishing trip be a bust. With a little research, you are well on your way to reeling in a catfish that you can brag about.

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